GeoHipsters at FOSS4G in Boston

From left to right: François Goulet, Guido Stein, Mike Dolbow, David Bitner, Michael Terner, and Randal Hale. Photo credit: Keith Jenkins.

By all accounts, the FOSS4G 2017 International Conference in Boston a few weeks ago was a massive success. Over a thousand people attended the week-long event co-chaired by GeoHipster alums Michael Terner and Guido Stein. Advisory Board member Bill Dollins and the crew from Spatial Networks hosted the first ever “Fullcrum Live” event, and GeoHipster alums kept popping up in other places:

  • Brian Timoney co-hosted the popular JS.Geo event
  • Michele Tobias, Stephen Mather, Steven Feldman, Regina Obe, David Bitner, Todd Barr, and Randal Hale all taught workshops
  • Paul Ramsey delivered the first keynote
  • Sara Safavi won the “Most Innovative Developer” award
  • Sara, Kurt Menke, and Katrina Engelsted were 3/4s of the panel discussion “What the Heck Does an Open Source Job Look Like, Anyway?”
  • Steven Feldman’s “Fake Maps”, Will Cadell’s “Why your map sucks…” and Bill Morris’s “Raster is a Disaster” presentations gained serious props on the Twitterverse.

With all this action going on, there’s no way we caught it all, whether we attended or followed along vicariously by hashtags. We’re sorry if we missed you…but we’re very proud that so many geohipsters were able to enjoy such a spectacular event. Get your GeoHipster swag here and catch us at the next one!

David Bitner, Kitty Hurley, and Mike Dolbow brought Minnesota GeoHipsters to Boston. Photo Credit Keith Jenkins. “Postgres is my databae” t-shirt available here.