The 2023 GeoHipster Calendar is here and available to order! Visit to get yours, and allow time for print and delivery.

The calendar features maps from these amazing cartographers:

Big thanks to all of our map authors for their contributions! Follow us on Twitter for a sneak preview of all the maps starting on Black Friday.

For reference , below was our call for maps issued in September:

We’re excited to issue the call for maps for contributions for the 2023 GeoHipster calendar. Entries are subject to these rules, and guidelines for entry are listed below.

So, send us your maps! (The deadline is 2022-10-21.)


  • Your submission should be a map! Submit images please, (they’ll be printed after all), hi-res JPG or PNG, landscape orientation, 8 inches × 10.5 inches (20.32 cm × 26.67 cm) or proportional. See the sample below.

  • Please note that we may opt to place a semi-transparent box containing author information (Name and/or handle), the GeoHipster logo, and, potentially, a calendar sponsor logo. Please consider this, as well as about 1/4″ for bleed and 1/2″ for margins in your map design. If you have a preference as to which corner the box should be placed in, please note that at the time of submission.
  • While we want your map to be understood, past experience has taught us that lots of detailed explanatory text may not scale well and may be difficult to read when printed in the calendar. Please consider this in your design. We are more than happy to include any such information in the write-up about your map.
  • It should be a map you made (potentially with colleagues). As such, your e-mail submission must include the following statement to be considered:

I hereby declare that this submission is my own work and to the best of my knowledge it contains no materials previously published or written by another person, except where due acknowledgement is made in the submission. Any contribution made to the submission by others is explicitly acknowledged. I also declare that the intellectual content of this submission is the product of my own work, except to the extent that assistance from others in the project’s design and conception or in style, presentation and linguistic expression is acknowledged.

  • You should provide a couple of sentences (up to 75 words) on how it was made (tools, data, techniques, etc.). Please note that this will be used in the judging.
  • Email as attachment to Indicate how you would like to be credited. Twitter handle is the most popular, but we’ll use your choice as long as it’s similarly short.
  • By submitting your work, you agree that GeoHipster has rights to use your work in printed materials (obviously) as well as any promotions, as outlined in the rules.
  • It should be “hip”! (Define that however you will.)
  • Submission deadline: 2022-10-21 T23:59:59+00:00

The GeoHipster advisory board, and potentially a guest judge or two, will select the winning entries. Each of the 13-14 finalist contributors will receive a complimentary calendar. (The final number of maps chosen will depend on whether or not our calendar has a front and back cover.)

On the 1st Monday of each month we will publish a mini-interview of that month’s map author, discussing the map in more detail, subject to the author’s availability and willingness to participate. If your map is chosen, a separate interview request will be sent to you about that.