2024 Geohipster Calendar

If I’m not mistaken I’m about to announce the call for submissions to the 10th Geohipster Calendar. We need your maps. Sale of the maps keep us going for another year PLUS gives you bragging rights that you made it into the most spatially correct calendar in publication.

Yes – I was counting this morning and this tradition goes all the way back to 2015 and this is pretty much what we’ve said every September. Please check the official page for all the details:

  • Your submission should be a map! Submit images please, (they’ll be printed after all), hi-res JPG or PNG, landscape orientation, 8 inches × 10.5 inches (20.32 cm × 26.67 cm) or proportional. See the sample below.
  • While we want your map to be understood, past experience has taught us that lots of detailed explanatory text may not scale well and may be difficult to read when printed in the calendar
  • You should provide a couple of sentences (up to 75 words) on how it was made (tools, data, techniques, etc.). Please note that this will be used in the judging.
  • Email as attachment to maps@geohipster.com. Indicate how you would like to be credited either by twitter, linkedin, or mastodon.
  • Submission deadline: 2023-10-27 T23:59:59+00:00

Submit today – shame your peers that you have a published map and they don’t.





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