2024 Geohipster Calendar

20231212 – Everything is fixed with the new orders.

20231208 – As of this morning I found a problem with the calendar. I’m working with Lulu to get it fixed. All New orders from the link below have been corrected. Those of you whose orders are in transit I’m working on a fix.

Technically – we did publish this after GIS Day…and slightly after PostGIS Day but before Black Friday!

This is never easy. We received 21 Submissions from 21 very talented people. We accepted 14 (12 months plus front and back) and it was tough. I **think** the calendar has went up in price just a little as has everything.

Link to Store!

Price: $17.06 (US) (yeah I know how did I manage to get .06 cents in there)

As 2024 moves along we will be publishing each map. I’m actually debating showcasing the entries that didn’t make it as they were great maps.

Thank you for your support. Documenting this ever changing landscape isn’t easy so thank you for helping move this along.





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