Geohipster Calendar Part 2

As I told someone this morning – this was the most geohipstery thing that could happen to a calendar. You print out a calendar, It’s wrong, can’t get much out of the printer’s support, and you offer a hack involving stickers.

With the backlog of calendars – I have some hope. I contacted the printer and asked them to move ( on 20231208) all the backlogs to the new calendar. They are reporting a 20+ day backlog so that may fix a majority of them. I have no clue if that’s happened as of right now.

I’m getting some requests for reprints. I’m getting some reports of success with the stickers, and I’ve gotten offers of financial support. We have a report from Atanas Entchev that the sticker “hack” works.

Not knowing what else to do – Barry Rowlingson will be “winner #1” of “How to fix a Calendar”. Yes – it’s the new Contest as of right now. The top 5 get a T-Shirt. Submit your hack back to me with photo/video evidence and win something. Maybe a Mug for Coffee or Cider. 3D print a new Header? Hole Punch a new 2024 Calendar? Paint? Is the Hack Shareable? Can you Improve Humanity with your fix.






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