Editorial policy

GeoHipster is an independent online publication dedicated to chronicling the state, issues, and direction of the geospatial industry as seen by the people working in it. Our approach is centered around question-and-answer (Q&A) interviews with members of the geospatial community. Other types of editorial content may arise over time at the sole discretion of the GeoHipster advisory board.

Interviewees are typically invited by members of the advisory board. There is no formal nomination process. Interviewees simply need to agree to participate, and interviews are published in the order they are completed. Members of the public who wish to conduct an interview for GeoHipster are invited to contact us, and will be noted as guest contributors if published. We do not accept requests to be interviewed. Views and opinions expressed in interviews are those of the interviewees, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the advisory board or its members.

A number of approaches are employed to defray the costs of running GeoHipster. Among these is accepting sponsorships. In exchange for a sponsorship fee, the sponsor’s logo will be placed in the sidebar of the GeoHipster site. GeoHipster reserves sole right to editorial review of all content. Sponsors are not granted any right of review for any GeoHipster content in exchange for sponsorship. A prospective sponsor must understand and accept the possibility that some interview content may be critical of the sponsor. We are grateful for sponsors who confidently and fearlessly recognize the value of an independent online publication in the geospatial industry.

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