Tag: artisanal

  • Marc Pfister: “I enjoy that I can see my work get turned into large physical objects”

    Reading his bio, one might get the impression that Marc Pfister is the prototypical geohipster. After studying mechanical engineering, he was a bicycle designer by day, and DJ by night. He then took his CAD skills and turned them into a 10-year GIS career. As a tinkerer who has to take everything apart, he began…

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  • Peter Bellerby, artisanal globe maker

    It doesn’t get any more geohipstery than that: Peter Bellerby rides his bike to his London (UK) studio, where he and his staff make globes by hand. Several of his globes appeared in Martin Scorcese’s Oscar-winning “Hugo”. Peter Bellerby’s biggest challenge: “You are multiplying every error by pi.” (via Ralph Straumann) [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVJ90AYlMQc]

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