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  • Where are they now? Antonio Locandro

    Where are they now? Antonio Locandro

    Eight Years ago I had the opportunity to interview Antonio Locandro. We met over Twitter and I decided to interview him. This was also the first “Dual Language” interview we did as Antonio was kind enough to translate everything I asked to Spanish. From 2015 Antonio’s final comment to the Geohipster crowd was “Choose the…

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  • Antonio Locandro: “QGIS opened a new different arena of GIS knowledge thirst”

    Antonio Locandro is a civil engineer-turned-GIS specialist, working for an Air Navigation Service Provider for Central America, where he deals with airways, aeronautical cartography, and procedure design among other things. His previous experience includes working for Honduras Census Bureau (INE), selling a book called “Learn English While Sleeping”, and a grocery store. Antonio was interviewed…

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