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  • 13 maps in 13 days: Joachim Ungar

    Sending off the year 2015, we present to our readers the mapmakers who contributed their work to the 2015 GeoHipster calendar. *** Joachim Ungar Q: Tell us about yourself. A: I’m a cartographer working at an Austrian IT company, named EOX IT Services, based in Vienna. We are mainly involved in the Earth Observation domain,…

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  • The 2015 GeoHipster Calendar is available for purchase

    We are excited to announce that the first-ever GeoHipster wall calendar is ready for production. We thank all who submitted maps for the calendar, Christina Boggs and Carol Kraemer for co-originating the calendar idea, and Christina again for her ongoing assistance with logistics and curation. The 2015 GeoHipster Wall Calendar makes a great holiday gift…

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