What defines the GeoHipster?

Welcome to GeoHipster, a website you have probably never heard of. We are not entirely sure where this is going, but an identity-defining kick-off poll seems like a good place to start.

What defines the GeoHipster? Help us find out by responding to the survey below. ([UPDATE January 24, 2014] Poll tally is here, the poll was closed on January 24, 2014.)

Thanks for all the suggestions. (41 from the 45 attributes came from visitor suggestions. Crowdsourcing, yo.)






6 responses to “What defines the GeoHipster?”

  1. Steven Citron-Pousty Avatar

    Just saying that any work with projections outside of d3 by definition makes you NOT a geohipster. Defining your own projection involves WAYYYYYY too much math and a deep knowledge of geodesy for a hipster. That level of knowledge makes you more of a geo dark mage….

    1. Atanas Entchev Avatar

      I agree with you in general. I think we should also agree that the term “GeoHispter” is not well defined yet. Hopefully this website and this poll will gather sufficient data for a definition to begin to emerge.

  2. Archie Belaney Avatar
    Archie Belaney

    Hey longitude – y u no go sideways?

  3. miblon Avatar

    Spatial is a property, not an object

    1. Atanas Entchev Avatar

      How about special? 😉

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