Month: June 2014

  • Call for maps for the 2015 GeoHipster calendar

    We are planning to publish a 2015 GeoHipster wall calendar, and we invite you to submit your GeoHipstery maps or other images for the calendar (email to We will credit the authors, obviously. The first submission (below) has come from Markus Mayr in Vienna, Austria (thanks, Markus!). [UPDATE August 25, 2014] There is no deadline for submissions.…

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  • Josh Livni: “Depth is important; breadth is more useful”

      Josh Livni has been making maps ever since he started getting lost in the wilderness. He works on the Google Crisis Response team, helping to make actionable information more accessible during times of disaster. Before joining Google, he ran a consulting company, integrating cartographic and statistical tools on the web.  He cuts his own hair,…

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