Month: December 2017

  • Toward Helping a Friend

    A note from GeoHipster CEO Mike Dolbow As I write this article, I am packed and prepared for three days “off the grid”, and honestly I could use a break from the daily news. I recognize that I have a tremendous privilege in being able to afford such a break, and that others are not…

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  • Hanbyul Jo to GeoHipster: “Letters look like paintings when you don’t know the language”

    Hanbyul Jo is a New York-based software engineer. She works at the open source mapping company Mapzen, where she develops tools to make web mapping more accessible. Hanbyul was interviewed for GeoHipster by Mike Dolbow. Q: How did you get into mapping/GIS? A: It was a lot of connecting dots. Mapzen, where I work currently,…

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  • 2018 GeoHipster Calendar is Now Available

    We’re pleased to announce that the 2018 GeoHipster calendar is available to order! Thanks to all who submitted maps for the calendar. If your map made it into the calendar, we will send you a complimentary copy (please email for details). Note: We’re switching print-on-demand vendors this year on a trial basis. The good…

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