10 Years of Geohipster

It’s been a bit quiet up here and I apologize for that – we’ve had some epic “backend” things happening. Mike finished the handoff to me (Randy). I was finally able to get a redbubble store up and running as well as moved the website to give us some more flexibility. Which led to a few broken things but we’re slowly getting up to speed.

In all of the moving and changes – Guess what? Geohipster is 10 years old. We (Well Actually Atanas) ran a poll in December of 2013 on “What defines a geohipster?” I know – technically 9 years and some change but almost 10 years old.

Of course answers were sarcastic and fun (these aren’t all the answers):

So what defines a Geohipster?

  • The answer is always GeoJSON
  • Never refer to myself as a GeoHipster!
  • When someone asks for a shapefile you fire up ogr2ogr, not ArcGIS
  • When you think map, you think LeafletJS
  • Often heard saying: I don’t consider myself “GIS”; I like to think I do more than that
  • The only way you’ll run ArcGIS is in a VM in some obscure Linux distro
  • You think the Q in QGIS stands for Quinoa
  • You think that everyone’s making javascript maps these days, but they can’t compare with your artisanal maps made with Haskell
  • You understand that GIS stands for Geeks In Sandals

So how do we celebrate 10 years of Geohipster?

I’m still trying to figure that out. One thing we will do is some “throwback interviews”. We touch base with some people from years past and see what is going on now. Still in GIS? Did the person leave the field to pursue selling t-shirts on the beach?

10 Years. What will be doing at 15?