2024 Geohipster Calendar Orders Part 1

So a lot of you are getting your new calendars and if you’ve looked – you’re going to notice a small problem. The year is wrong. I didn’t know about this until about 72 hours ago. The current revision (made Friday 20231208) of the calendar is correct.

I’m not sure how many have gone out “wrong”. I’m not 100% clear on how this happend. I have a ticket in with the printing company and hopefully I’ll have a resolution on it shortly. Geohipster doesn’t print these with profit in mind BUT we’ve always been proud of the calendar. I’m working on a plan.

Barry Rowlingson (before I woke up on Friday) offered a gitlab solution which will allow you to create “New Headers” for the calendar that fixes the days. I printed out the PDF and it fixes the problem. Barry tested his calendar and it works. In the spirit of ” a great hack” it is just that.

Anyway – my deepest apologies and I’ll have a solution of some sort shortly. The current calendar being sold is 2024 – I’ve triple checked it and went so far as to print it out.

More news coming – Stay Tuned.

I did find the template Calendar which I’m probably not supposed to share but – Here you go. Print them out. It’s Jan – Dec 2024.






2 responses to “2024 Geohipster Calendar Orders Part 1”

  1. Naomi Moon Avatar

    The stickers actually make the calendar even cooler! Why do weeks have to start on Sunday or Monday anyway??

    Thank you for the hip calendar and the stickers that make it unique!!

  2. James Crone Avatar
    James Crone

    I have one of the “wrong” ones, but I have printed out the PDF patch and am looking forward to doing a hands-on bug fix with some scissors and glue on new years day.

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