Below is the GeoHipster poll tally as of noon EST on January 24, 2014. The poll has received 1,106 responses from 253 users. We thank all who viewed, voted, and/or provided suggestions.

We realize that some poll items (GeoHipster attributes) have been posted longer than others, and thus have had greater opportunity to receive votes. This (along with many other things) makes the poll totally unscientific. Still, we think it is fun.

The poll is now closed.

GeoHipster attribute Total # of votes through January 24, 2014 noon EST
The answer is always GeoJSON 69
Never refer to myself as a GeoHipster! 69
When someone asks for a shapefile you fire up ogr2ogr, not ArcGIS 60
You roll your own map tiles 56
You think PostGIS is too mainstream 52
You call him Jack and still hate his company 49
You use ArcGIS 10.2 ironically 46
You define your own map projections 45
Look for the projection and datum in any map you see, even on a coaster! 42
Hipsters do it in javascript. On a black background. In D3 42
When you think map, you think LeafletJS 40
You use obscure map projections 39
Used GeoServer before it was cool 38
All labeling is done in Helvetica 33
Often heard saying: I don’t consider myself “GIS”; I like to think I do more than that 32
You shun Web Mercator in your web maps 29
ArcGIS runs on a MacBook Pro… in your dreams 26
Characterized by endless searching for maps 25
Your enterprise GIS imagery was taken solely from hot air balloons and kites 25
How can I scrape that data and map it? 23
Artisanal maps are made by etching copper plates, and java is only good at my local roasterie. 20
You’ve put geojson files on github 18
Because Manifold GIS 17
You write SpatiaLite backed minimally viable geo services 17
you know at least two legit uses for dymaxion projection 16
The only way you’ll run ArcGIS is in a VM in some obscure Linux distro 15
Hexbins! 13
you know the difference between conceptual, logical, and physical – but don’t care or use any of the because, you know, ShapeFile 12
You think the Q in QGIS stands for Quinoa 11
You know that geometry ST_Rotate(geometry geomA, float rotRadians); works perfectly on Null Island 10
You map the closest locations for barbers who style handlebar mustaches 10
You run topology checks on point datasets 10
You integrate models like fire, water, wind, etc. 10
You use sarcasm to describe everything you do 10
You think that everyone’s making javascript maps these days, but they can’t compare with your artisanal maps made with Haskell. 9
Because Avenue was richer than Python 9
Because plain vanilla “hipster” has become so uncool 9
You think about your next use of protocol buffers while you shower 8
You write leaflet plugins for things that shouldn’t be leaflet plugins 7
You ask for MapInfo because it was so cool in college 7
You have used the #nogis hashtag 7
You have found a way to barrel age your data. 6
You understand that GIS stands for Geeks In Sandals 6
You don’t use sarcasm to describe everything you do 5
You know who originally came up with the term “geohipster” 4
TOTAL 1106