GeoHipster Sticker Version 3
Version 3 of our GeoHipster sticker, by Jonah Adkins

The GeoHipster stickers are always a hit and a conversation starter, whether they adorn your laptop, water bottle, or fixed gear bicycle. Use any of the following methods to get stickers:

  1. Become a GeoHipster patron on Patreon. We send free stickers to all patrons. (Write Randal Hale if you don’t hear something within a week.)
  2. Run into a GeoHipster collaborator at a conference or meetup — they will usually have a free sticker to give you.
  3. We hope to bring back our PayPal purchase options for stickers again soon!

Thank you all for your interest, and to Jonah Adkins for the sticker design.