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  • 2024 Geohipster Calendar

    2024 Geohipster Calendar

    If I’m not mistaken I’m about to announce the call for submissions to the 10th Geohipster Calendar. We need your maps. Sale of the maps keep us going for another year PLUS gives you bragging rights that you made it into the most spatially correct calendar in publication. Yes – I was counting this morning…

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  • What day is it? It’s PostGIS-slash-Calendar Day!

    What day is it? It’s PostGIS-slash-Calendar Day!

    Well, you can count on this as much as you can count on your favorite open source database: it’s that time of year when we release our map calendar on PostGIS Day! What does this calendar do? Who made it in this year? How do you get it? Well, this stunning printed product can be…

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  • Call for Maps: 2023 GeoHipster Calendar

    Fall weather (in the northern hemisphere). Back to school. Pumpkin spice lattes. Spooky movies and Halloween candy. What other traditions can you count on happening each September? You guessed it! We’re pleased to announce that there will be a 2023 GeoHipster Calendar, and we’re opening up the call for maps today. Mike and Randy will…

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  • It’s our new favorite tradition: Releasing our calendar on #PostGISDay

    It’s our new favorite tradition: Releasing our calendar on #PostGISDay

    The 2022 GeoHipster Calendar is now available for order!

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  • Call for Maps: 2022 GeoHipster Calendar

    Is it true that 2021 was almost as unpredictable as 2020? We don’t know the answer to that, but we do feel like our 2021 calendar was our best yet. We also know some of you are back in the office and need wall candy…and those of you who are still working from home love…

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  • Once again, we celebrate #PostGIS Day with the newest GeoHipster Calendar

    Well, we did it again, folks. And by “we”, that’s our community – geohipsters, cartographers, “holiday” voters, and a team of judges came together to produce our best calendar yet for the 2021 edition. Sure, we say that every year…but this year we can also say it’s our biggest calendar, with FOURTEEN maps! The collage…

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  • Update on the 2020 calendar

    On November 26th, we at GeoHipster were informed of a dispute regarding potentially incomplete credits for one of the maps in our 2020 calendar. In the following days, we entered into discussions with the involved parties in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. As a result of these discussions, on December 2nd we created…

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  • On #PostGIS Day, We Unveil Our 2020 Calendar

    Let us here at GeoHipster be some of the first to wish all of you GeoJSON lovers out there a happy #PostGIS Day, just in case you don’t have our 2019 calendar to give you a handy reminder. And this year, we’ve actually had our act together well enough to be able to release our…

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  • Call for Maps: the 2020 GeoHipster Calendar

    Hello GeoHipster fans, cartographers, and map geeks around the world! While we’ve put out teasers over the last few weeks, today we’re making it official: we’ve set a deadline of October 25 for you to submit your map for the 2020 GeoHipster Calendar. We’re trying to move a bit quicker this year so we can…

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  • 2018 GeoHipster Calendar is Now Available

    We’re pleased to announce that the 2018 GeoHipster calendar is available to order! Thanks to all who submitted maps for the calendar. If your map made it into the calendar, we will send you a complimentary copy (please email pbr@geohipster.com for details). Note: We’re switching print-on-demand vendors this year on a trial basis. The good…

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  • The 2015 GeoHipster Calendar is available for purchase

    We are excited to announce that the first-ever GeoHipster wall calendar is ready for production. We thank all who submitted maps for the calendar, Christina Boggs and Carol Kraemer for co-originating the calendar idea, and Christina again for her ongoing assistance with logistics and curation. The 2015 GeoHipster Wall Calendar makes a great holiday gift…

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  • Call for maps for the 2015 GeoHipster calendar

    We are planning to publish a 2015 GeoHipster wall calendar, and we invite you to submit your GeoHipstery maps or other images for the calendar (email to atanas@entchev.com). We will credit the authors, obviously. The first submission (below) has come from Markus Mayr in Vienna, Austria (thanks, Markus!). [UPDATE August 25, 2014] There is no deadline for submissions.…

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