13 maps in 13 days: Dr. Farheen Khanum

Sending off the year 2015, we present to our readers the mapmakers who contributed their work to the 2015 GeoHipster calendar.


Dr. Farheen Khanum

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I am a Geographic Researcher, I have done Ph.D in Environmental Geography. I love to work in the field of Environment and GIS applications. I am a simple person having lots of wishes to explore the world, fond of meeting new people and learning new technologies.

Q: Tell us the story behind your map (what inspired you to make it, what did you learn while making it, or any other aspects of the map or its creation you would like people to know).

A: I was writing my Ph.D thesis when I decided to participate in the GeoHipster Call for Maps 2015. This map is also a part of my thesis as well. The most special thoughts for serving the nature I learnt by my dear mentor Dr. Jamil Kazmi, whose passion is to work for the environment and sustainability. Afterwards it also became my interest too. It encouraged me to do something better for the future of Marine Megafauna and their conservation. Marine turtles are highly migrated and intrinsic species in the Globe. They are under the threat of various problems and declared to be protected. They are an extremely important part of our ecosystem.

Q: Tell us about the tools, data, etc., you used to make the map.

This map is designed with the help of an old reference map of WWF. It helps me to identify the territories of Marine Turtles in the world. This map defines the spatial distribution of Marine turtles in the world. It highlights the nesting and foraging areas of Marine turtle species as found all over the large oceans and terrestrial areas. I used ArcGIS software for making this map. It is a simple map designed by using coordinates of all marine turtles nesting sites in the world. Point distribution method was also used to indicate the locations. Furthermore, the special symbols of marine turtle in ArcGIS were utilized to differentiate every species in a unique colour.

Last but not least, it is my wish to serve the nature by spreading the knowledge of conservation.

'Worldwide Distribution of Marine Turtles' by Dr. Farheen Khanum
‘Worldwide Distribution of Marine Turtles’ by Dr. Farheen Khanum

The 2015 GeoHipster Calendar is available for purchase

We are excited to announce that the first-ever GeoHipster wall calendar is ready for production. We thank all who submitted maps for the calendar, Christina Boggs and Carol Kraemer for co-originating the calendar idea, and Christina again for her ongoing assistance with logistics and curation.

The 2015 GeoHipster Wall Calendar makes a great holiday gift for the geogeek on your list, so pick up a few. The proceeds from the calendar sales will help GeoHipster offset our operational costs, stay ad-free, and maintain independence.

The 2015 GeoHipster Calendar is available for purchase from CafePress. All calendars are made to order (you need to specify January 2015 as Starting Month (as opposed to the default setting — the current month)).

The calendar features maps from the following map artists (screenshots below):

  • Gretchen Peterson
  • Jonah Adkins
  • Ralph Straumann
  • Markus Mayr
  • Bill Morris
  • Andrew Zolnai
  • Stephen Smith
  • Damian Spangrud
  • Farheen Khanum
  • Christina Boggs
  • John Van Hoesen
  • Steven Romalewski
  • Joachim Ungar
GeoHipster 2015 Calendar cover layout
GeoHipster 2015 Calendar cover layout

IMPORTANT! The screenshot below is intended ONLY to give an overview of the overall layout — which map goes on which page, etc. When you order the 2015 calendar, you will get the 2015 calendar. You can verify this by reviewing each individual page online before you order.

GeoHipster 2015 Calendar 12-month layout
GeoHipster 2015 Calendar 12-month layout