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  • Where are they now? Antonio Locandro

    Where are they now? Antonio Locandro

    Eight Years ago I had the opportunity to interview Antonio Locandro. We met over Twitter and I decided to interview him. This was also the first “Dual Language” interview we did as Antonio was kind enough to translate everything I asked to Spanish. From 2015 Antonio’s final comment to the Geohipster crowd was “Choose the…

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  • GeoHipsters at FOSS4G in Boston

    From left to right: Fran├žois Goulet, Guido Stein, Mike Dolbow, David Bitner, Michael Terner, and Randal Hale. Photo credit: Keith Jenkins. By all accounts, the FOSS4G 2017 International Conference in Boston a few weeks ago was a massive success. Over a thousand people attended the week-long event co-chaired by GeoHipster alums Michael Terner and Guido…

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