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  • Bill Dollins to Geohipster: “Programming feels very similar to writing a poem”

    Bill Dollins (Twitter, blog) is a programmer and partner at Zekiah Technologies, responsible for leading Zekiah’s geospatial consulting business. Bill was interviewed for Geohipster by Atanas Entchev. Q: You are a Senior Vice President at Zekiah Technologies. Do you consider yourself a mapper, a coder, a businessman, or a social media guru? A: I tend…

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  • All one planet

    I am just going to leave this here while I work on my tractate (Working title: “Is (geo)hispterism exclusive?” (Thesis: “No”)). it’s @boundlessgeo @google @Esri having beers at @MapBox talking about @openstreetmap – all one planet pic.twitter.com/VwtGcBzV67 — Andrew Turner (@ajturner) April 12, 2014 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

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